We become concerned when the urine or protein is present in routine urine tests. Urinary acid or protein (sometimes called albumin) emission is not normal. This is the primary symptom of kidney problems. People who have diabetes, high blood pressure, should check the urine occasionally. Because it provides an idea of ​​the condition of the kidney.

Why urine is absorbed

The acid in our blood, usually the kidney filtrate does not go with the urine. It is unusual to get more than 3 milligrams of albumin daily. Eating more than 3 milligrams of albumin is a concern. Diabetes and high blood pressure are one of the main causes of urine excretion. In addition, kidney inflammation, infection, SLE or lupus, amyloidosis, urine may be used in response to certain drugs.In the case of pregnant women with high blood pressure, urine may become a danger like pre-eclampsia.Sometimes a fever, excessive labor or exercise, or even prolonged standing, may cause slight urination in the urine. But if there is persistent amnesia, especially for more than three months, then this indicates chronic kidney disease.

How to understand

This routine is difficult to detect without routine urine tests. Therefore, patients with diabetes and high blood pressure should be tested for urine at 6 months or one year. If the emission rate is high then the body swells and becomes weak and water comes to the mouth and feet. Urine may be dull or white.

What to do

There is nothing to panic when a urine test is detected. The physician will try to understand the extent of the complications by determining the amount of emitted acid within 24 hours. Diabetes or high blood pressure should be controlled. We have to determine if there is any other reason. GFR has to be seen to understand the function of kidney function. When using ACE inhibitor or ARB tribe drugs, albumin emission is reduced somewhat.Elbumin excretion in the urine is not only a warning to kidney disease, it is also a warning to infected heart disease. Therefore, it is important to look at keeping the heart healthy.

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Dr. Mo Asifuzzaman, Dermatologist

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