It is very important to be healthy and functioning in everyday life. Along with consuming moderate diet, regular exercise, keeping your mind calm and proper use of money serve as an important controller.

Exercise: stroll start exercise. Exercise 5-20 minutes a day at the beginning. If you have not been associated with exercise for a long time or are suffering from a complex disease, it is best to consult a doctor.


7 ways to keep yourself functioning

7 ways to keep yourself functioning

Minutes cycle : 5 minutes of physical exertion daily. For example 1 minute dance or physical posture, 5 minutes walk after lunch, 5 minutes work in the garden etc. It will strengthen your body and mind.




Working muscle: Lifting is an important factor in this regard. According to the doctor’s or consultant’s rules, you can practice the circulation and spread of the muscle at the gym or at home with a water bottle or dumbbell.



peace of mind: the mind to keep quiet, stable or regular meditation or meditation, yoga or exercise can add. This will make your decision making, problem solving much easier.



Financial Planning: Keeping yourself healthy and functioning makes money relevant. Domestic work can be done at low cost on your own initiative. For example, you can follow health tips / exercises from TV / Radio stations. YouTube can help you meditate, CDs are available to buy in the market. The real truth is – walking, jogging, dancing do not require any special materials.

Rest: Rest and sleep are also needed to stay healthy and functioning, which helps keep your mind and brain going. Sleep at least six to seven hours a day. Take breaks at work sometimes. Go to the fence These will help keep your fitness going.


Q & A

Defense: I am 25 years old. Often my cheeks swell to one side. It does not feel any pain. The swelling also goes away suddenly. This happens two to three times a year. What to do?

Answer : The problem is usually time and again it gets better. It is less likely to be a major problem. When a medical specialist shows up when there is a problem, he or she will take your physical examination and refer you to another specialist if necessary.

Rashedul Hasan , Specialist in Medicine

There are various health problems in our daily life. Often it is possible to solve these problems at home or through lifestyle changes. Send questions about your problem. Expert doctors will answer. Be sure to enter the age.
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Author: Clinical Occupational Therapist, CRP, Mirpur, Dhaka

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