Savings mean the future. Indus is made from point to point. So make it a habit to save a little. Easy to save for those who are employed. In addition, those who do business, freelancing should be saved. Savings are for everyone. It can make everyone safer. So don’t waste time thinking of ‘do-and-do’ for savings. Spending less money doesn’t just increase money. In order to increase the money has to be properly stored.

Which can
১. Change your lifestyle. Yes, it is very important to change the lifestyle for storage. Otherwise you can’t save. Remember, when you are working, your work schedule is different. Keeping it going for a long time will not do much of your previous life. Moving on will continue to cost a lot and at the end of the month you have almost nothing in your hands.

2. Spend for yourself Don’t waste extra money by buying anything you need because you have the money in hand. Rather, spend it in a way that will help you in the future.

৩. First, consider how you want to save, how many days to save, how much money to save in a bank or financial institution. Adjust your salary and then look for banks or financial institutions. Don’t forget to advertise in banks or financial institutions. Find the real situation yourself.

৪. The office in which you started the job has a financial institution or bank attached to it. First look for those companies. If a bank or financial institution does not have a contract with the company you are working for, look for their preferred bank or financial institution and look at their services. Seek the advice of someone with experience as to what services you will take.

৫. Earn some money every month for emergencies. Keep this money out of the money you put in your bank. Only spend this money when urgently needed. It does not have to hand over the money kept in the bank.

৬. Make a budget every month. Follow this budget from the first day of the month. Don’t spend money unless you need it out of budget.

৭. Plan on short-term savings like this for a year or two. This savings in the short-term will give you a good amount of money in one time. You can think of long-term savings together with that money. But don’t stop short-term savings.

৮. There is a tendency for collective savings in our country. Continue to save a certain amount of money each month at a bank or financial institution by gathering your like-minded colleagues in the company where you work. This way you can save with your friends outside the organization.

৯. Warren Buffett, one of the world’s wealthiest, said, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ Different means of saving but not depositing money in multiple banks. Each month you have some money left over from your original savings. Don’t spend this money.

১০. Make it a habit to save money on retail. After a while you will find that your accumulated retail money will help you a lot.

If you want to dot the point, start today without delay.

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