Today I will share How to ISP work and a sample design of  EDASSGROUP.COM INTERNET. This video help to you, understand a big network & device requirement with business position. An Internet service provider (ISP), also called Internet access provider) is a business or organization that offers user access to the Internet and related services.  project file link for download.

How To Get Started:

You need to be licensed from BTRC to do broadband business. Apply in the prescribed form for licensing. Get the form  here  . All the documents mentioned in the form should be attached and submitted to the BTRC Head Office. If all goes well you will get a license within 6 months of applying. After obtaining the license to buy bandwidth.

Where To Get Bandwidth:

Broadband Internet business is the first bandwidth required. And the bandwidth comes via optical fiber. Some of the IIGs that sell low bandwidth and expand networks across the country are BTCL, BTS Communication, Bijoy Online, Fiber @ Home. There are a total of 5 bandwidth providers in the country. Click here to learn about all bandwidth providers  
If you have a port nearby, there is no barrier to starting a business. If you do not have a port near here, you can link to the radio from here. And if the distance of the PPS port is greater then you can take bandwidth via satellite or from the BTS of the mobile tower connected by microwave. However, the bandwidth costs will be much higher in both of these methods. Many ISPs in suburban cities offer low-cost sublines. You can also do business with bandwidth from them.
Now many of you may be wondering, what is Bandwidth?
 1. The frequency range within a particular band, especially that used to transmit a signal.
 2. ‘Bandwidth’ refers to the rate at which your computer can be transferred from a website or internet information service to a given period of time. When you open a webpage, download a file, bandwidth determines your Internet activity efficiency and speed. Normally bandwidth is sometimes measured as ‘bits per second’ or ‘bytes per second’.
 3. To put it simply, we need bandwidth to download the Internet, browsing, downloading rice, as it does for rice.

What It Takes:

 What did you do with the bandwidth connection you got in touch with the ISP Company ? Now all you have to do is buy Networking or your device to distribute the bandwidth between your users or do a broadband business. They are microtic routers, media converters, cables, a PC, switches and boxes for setting up base stations for speed and user control. The microtic router needs uninterrupted power supply to keep it on for 24 hours.
Here are some brief descriptions below for your benefit.
1. MikroTik Router Board:   MikriTik is commonly used to manage your bandwidth and distribute bandwidth to users. With MikriTik you can manage everything you give to a user, how many MB Bandwidth, how many MB Speed ​​Limit, how many MB Data Limit you give. With MikriTik you can do everything your User Management implies. In the market you will find MikriTik of different prices and models. Market prices of MikriTik range from Rs. 3 to Rs. 5 and above, you will find MikriTik in the market.
2. Fiber Optic Cable:  This cable is commonly used for drawing main lines. This cable is used to draw the main line from the ISP Company and local area networking from your MikroTik’s LAN port. The network can be formatted with a single core of this cable. This cable is used as a glass media rather than copper wire. As a result there is no electro magnetic interference. The data transmission speed of this cable is much higher. There are two types of fiber optic cable. Single mode fiber and multimode fiber. Currently, the price of 4 core Fiber Optic Cable in the market is Tk 5 per meter. You will also find many more core Fiber Optic Cable in the market.
3. Twisted Pair Cable / UTP Cable:  This cable is commonly used to provide internet connection from squeeze to users’ computers. The twisted pair cable has two doors. ১. Shielded twisted pair cable, 2. Shielded twisted pair cable.
Shielded twisted pair cable:
Shielded twisted pair cable has a twist on each twist pair. As a result, the electric interference is very low. The data transfer speed of this cable is 5 Mbps.
 Unshielded twisted pair cable:
The unshielded twisted pair cable has no extra shielding outside the pair, only a plastic jacket on the outside. This cable has a data transfer rate of 1 Mbps.
4. Switch: The  switch is used to pop small areas within the Local Area Network. Twisted Pair Cable / UTP Cable or Fiber Optic Cable This device is used to give a certain number of users in a certain area a connection to a UTP Cable or a Fiber Optic Cable in a certain area. A swipe is a bridge with multiple ports. It stores a list of the MAC addresses of each node. It works in the datalink layer of the OSI model.
5. Media Converter:  A Core of Fiber Optic Cable is used by Splice Machine to connect to this device via Patch Cord and convert to Ethernet port. Using this device increases Ethernet speed.
6. Patch Cord:  A Core of Fiber Optic Cable is used by Splice Machine with Patch Cord with Joint to connect to the Media Converter
7. Splice Machine:  Splice Machine is used for Core Joint of Fiber Optic Cable.
8. Router:  Router is used to use WiFi for mobile devices. Users usually use the router to access the Internet on their mobile, Laptop or any other WiFi enabled device in their home.
9. Radio Device:  These devices are used for Long Rang WiFi Zone. These devices are of two types either one 2.4GHz and 5GHz. With 2.4GHZ device, we can do Long Rang WiFi Zone because our country’s WiFi Enabled device cannot support more than 2.4GHZ. For those of you who want to make Long Rang WiFi Zone, you can make WiFi Zone with a maximum of 1KM area through this device. You can also do Bandwidth Through 50 + KM Distance through this device. It’s best to use a 5GHZ device for Bandwidth Through / Received in Long Distance.
Here are those of you who want to do broadband business cable connection in your area (Mikrotik Routerboard, Media Converter, Fiber Optic Cable, Twisted Pair Cable (UTP Cable or STP Cable), Switch, Router, Computer) and if you have your If you want to do broadband business in the area with WIFI connection then you (Mikrotik Router board, Computer, Router, Radio Device m2) will use this device.

What Is The Capital Required:

How much capital you need depends on how many kilometers you have to line up. Router 1, 5, media converter 1, PC 20.5 (if not required), switch box and connection port 1 / km per kilometer line, cable 12 km per km, license fee 1 Taka Connection fee 1,2-2. , 1, Bandwidth per megabit 122-5. Initially, you can start this business only if you have 2 MB bandwidth and 2km line by dragging Tk.

How Much Risk:

All types of business are high risk but broadband Internet business risk is very low. Because once this business is all set up there is no cost without bandwidth.


At least, if you get 1 user per month (50×500 / -) = 25,000 / = can be earned.
If the income per month: 25,6 / =
Then in a year, (2,3 / = x 12) = 1, 5,3 / = (three lakh taka).
That means the investment money will come up within that year.
Next year, there will be almost all profits. Moreover, as the user increases the income will increase.

What Is The Demand For Broadband Internet:

The wireless Internet is very expensive. Because of this, Internet users are more comfortable with broadband.Therefore, it can be said that in many types of internet services the demand for broadband internet is the highest.

What Are The Business Benefits Of Broadband Internet:

1. This business is low in risk.
2. Once everything is set up this business does not cost much.
3. Although business is increased, capital does not have to be increased in proportion.

How Do I Want A Worker To Qualify:

If you have to hire an employee in this business then you need to see if the microtic router knows the job of controlling, whether to create new ports, switches, connections.

>>>>>>>>>>>Project file link for download link  click here.

Source: Internet And Local Internet Providers In My Area.