Bicycling habits can keep you physically and mentally healthy. Photo: Bappy Rahman

From village to city – bicycles were once used as short-distance vehicles. But in this twenty-first century, the bike is not only a short distance travel, but also a health protection vehicle. Bicycles are now being used in cities to protect and stunt health, not as vehicles. We will talk about the health benefits of cycling today without talking about stunts.

Cycling to increase health and physical ability:

During cycling, the vital muscles of our body participate in various levels of activity. As a result, muscle structure is strengthened. Cycling does not require much physical skill compared to many other sports. Most people know how to ride a bike, and once they learn it, one never forgets. Again, cycling does not have to be practiced repeatedly.
So it is easier than many other exercises or physical exercises. Cycling maintains health, does not accumulate excess fat in the body and enhances physical performance and strength. In addition, regular cycling increases the endurance of people as they deal with various obstacles along the way.

Cycling can be a great way to recover from a chronic illness or injury and regain your physical health. A little cycling daily with low physical ability helps to restore normal physical performance. Currently there are many cycling competitions and stunts, participation in them will keep you physically and mentally healthy at the same time.
In addition to cycling, many activities around the world have started, which at the same time become an excellent means of relaxation as well as leisure entertainment.

Cycling can be accomplished in less time and without spending much money on any daily commute and in the short range of communications. Cycling can be a great way to get from one place to another, especially in a traffic city.

Regular cycling health:

During cycling, the heart, veins and lungs work. During this time, deep breathing and the experience of increasing body temperature improves our overall health. Riding a regular bike–

১. Increases cardiac function
2. Reduces body fat levels
৩. Increases immunity
৪. Reduces emotional anxiety and depression
৫. Muscle strength and elasticity increase
৬. The development of the mobility of the bone is
৭. Advanced textures and adjustments are made
৮. The bones are soli

Cycling and certain health issues–

Obesity and weight control:

Cycling is a good way to control or reduce body weight. Because it increases digestion and the taste of food, builds muscle and burns body fat. In addition to cycling, a healthy eating regimen will also help with weight loss. Increasing the amount of cycling along with the daily over time can be beneficial for anyone.

Studies show that at least 2,000 calories can be burned daily through physical exercise. However, at a very low rate of cycling, it is about 3 calories. British research has shown that cycling every five minutes a person burns about five kilograms of fat a year.

Cardiovascular diseases and cycling:

Regular cycling increases blood circulation throughout the body, including the lungs. As a result, the risk of various cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack, is reduced. In addition, cycling strengthens the heart and reduces blood fat levels.
Studies have shown that, compared to people in a car who regularly cycling to work or cycling two to three times daily, their lungs remain active and functional for a longer period of time. A Danish study conducted over a period of 3 years with 1,000 people between the ages of 25 and 6 found that regular cycling protects people from heart disease.

Cancer and Cycling:

Many researchers have cited cancer as a cause for cancer. Various studies have found that the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer is particularly high due to lack of physical exercise. It has been found that cycling reduces the risk of developing bowel cancer. And some studies have also shown that regular cycling reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Diabetes and Cycling:

At present, the number of people with type 2 diabetes is increasing. It is believed to be due to lack of physical exercise. According to a large Finnish study, cycling for more than 5 minutes a day reduces the chances of diabetes by more than 5 percent.

Bone injuries, arthritis and cycling:

Cycling plays a key role in promoting physical posture, performance and balance, and helps prevent bone fractures and erosion. If anyone has osteoarthritis, cycling can be an ideal medium for daily exercise. This is because there is very little pressure on different parts of the body.

Mental illness and cycling:

Mental illnesses, such as depression, stress, and anxiety can be reduced by regular cycling. The joys and joys of cycling help one to overcome stress and anxiety.

So buy a bicycle without delay and start cycling at the desired time by rules on a safe road.

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